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UGJ-MX, 5-April-2014


ugj-mxuLast weekend the Ubuntu-mx team hosted their fourth UGJ in Mexico City!, Isn’t wonderful when you meet mind liked people and everything just flows?, we discussed in detail Free Software, Ubuntu, the Ubuntu MX team and our favorite quesadillas recipies (I love the ones with chorizo and cheese). We took a bunch of photos and video for those who couldn’t attend =(


Anyway, thanks for attending and we’ll see you in the next one! Have fun =D

UGJ, ETA 3 months



This is a kindly reminder of the Ubuntu Global Jam, a world wide event intended to collaborate as community around Ubuntu. This year it will be organized from Friday 4th April 2014 to Sunday 6th April 2014 and right now it’s a great time to start defining where yours will be hosted and what activities you’ll do.

In the ubuntu-mx team, ours will be hosted on Saturday 5th April 2014, and we’ve already started pushing publicity through our main media channels, so should you do!

Happy Jamming =D!

Creating Launchpad group maps


I’m part of a neat couple of launchpad groups, in the past I’ve seen some contribution maps in open source projects, and I though it would be cool to have some of those for lp groups. What follows is the process for creating static (google) maps for your launchpad group.



You’ll need a marker (those ubuntu icons in the map), the featured one is in png 24px × 32px format

Google Account

A google account is required, data will be saved in a Fusion table

Web Hosting

You’ll need web hosting if you want your map going online, otherwise, this process can be replicated locally (for taking screenshots?)

Map capabilities are possible due to launchpad supporting Time Zone through its API, it’s not quite exact but it’s better that nothing (if you know a better place from grabbing localization data please let me know).

I first grab Time Zones from all current members of an specific lp group, these TZ are sent to a google geocoder (using the great geopy library) and saved in a cvs file. The cvs file can then be uploaded to a Fusion table and requested through javascript (to draw the marks). Hint: I first tried running everything using only javascript but with large groups (>10 members) the process took too much time.

sh lp-g9n-team your-lp-group #~ubuntumembers by default

These two steps will create a file called lp-g9n-team.csv containing the name, city, latitude and longitude of all your lp group members. Now it can be uploaded to google, go to and create a new FusionTable:

Fusion Tablets can draw by themselves maps using data from a column of your data, however I couldn’t find a method to customize the marker art.

For this to work, your dataset will need to be shared to everyone, by default is private:

You’ll need to grab the unique ID (will be used in the javascript code):

Finally, once your data is online, you can grab this html code:

And change the default dataset 1zq9pJyRjZB1FqOcqDhd8lKgCFov6VEDdag4tigQ for your own.