UbunConLa 2014, next week! (August 14th-16th)


This is just a kind reminder of the UbuConLa happening next week (August 14th-16th) in Cartagena Colombia. With only two previous attempts, the UbuConLa is quickly heading to integrate most of the Ubuntu Latinoamerican teams. This year there will be presence from at least the following countries; Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, España, India, Panama and Ecuador, pretty awesome =)!

With so many attendees I’m sure the UbuConLa will not only increase the awareness of Ubuntu and libre software in the region but will be an ideal forum to exchange experience between local teams and its correlation with local governments and other institutions.

I look forward to talking with you!

Este es un recordatorio del UbuConLa a celebrarse la siguiente semana (14-16 de Agosto) en Cartagena Colombia. Con solo dos versiones anteriores, la UbuConLa ha integrado a la mayoría de los equipos latinoamericanos de Ubuntu. Este año se contara con personas provenientes de por lo menos; Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, España, India, Panama y Ecuador =)!

Con tantos asistentes estoy seguro que la UbuConLa no solo incrementara la popularidad de Ubuntu y del software libre en la region tambien permitira compartir experiencias entre los equipos locaes y sus correlaciones con los gobiernos locales y otras instituciones.

¡Espero verlos por ahí!


UGJ-MX, 5-April-2014


ugj-mxuLast weekend the Ubuntu-mx team hosted their fourth UGJ in Mexico City!, Isn’t wonderful when you meet mind liked people and everything just flows?, we discussed in detail Free Software, Ubuntu, the Ubuntu MX team and our favorite quesadillas recipies (I love the ones with chorizo and cheese). We took a bunch of photos and video for those who couldn’t attend =(


Anyway, thanks for attending and we’ll see you in the next one! Have fun =D

UGJ, ETA 3 months



This is a kindly reminder of the Ubuntu Global Jam, a world wide event intended to collaborate as community around Ubuntu. This year it will be organized from Friday 4th April 2014 to Sunday 6th April 2014 and right now it’s a great time to start defining where yours will be hosted and what activities you’ll do.

In the ubuntu-mx team, ours will be hosted on Saturday 5th April 2014, and we’ve already started pushing publicity through our main media channels, so should you do!

Happy Jamming =D!