The ubuntu packaging guide


Browsing around I came to the ubuntu packaging guide, a work in progress, with lots of interesting tips and howto’s about what people need to get started with ubuntu development (I really hope someone could document how to work with merges and FTBFS bugs, still no light for me), now I’ll just record how I ‘compile’ it, in case wanted to add something and I forget how to test it xD

I’m running Ubuntu lucid (10.04 also known as the LTS version), and I only had to:

#download the source

$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-packaging-guide

#install sphinx ( )

$ sudo apt-get install python-sphinx

#produce the documentation

$ make html #or make latexpdf, check the Makefile out for more options

I know nothing about sphinx but looking at the files I suppose the *.rst are whom produce the files…

Still no idea how to get the .deb package from it, but thanks to tumbleweed from #ubuntu-motu to show me how simple getting the docs actually was >_>’ (even without the .deb package), i10n is still in progress at mainstream

Not a lot had happened for me, the alpha group is having a lot of more comments, but still not sure if it’s having the success it was suppose to have, the final iso testing for natty has been started, the oneiric (the next ubuntu version) topics also have started, the newletters seems dead, people talked about unity till the last minute…

The blogs I keep reading and that I really, really recommend are:

…going back to what people call ‘reality’ =(


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