Ubuntu membership ((((\n____n/)))) yeeei!


Every month at the 3rd Thursday the Americas regional board stand by at #ubuntu-meeting and vote for hopefully approve a new ubuntu member, this is one of the 3 regional boards existent, the others one are EMEA (europa-middle-east-africa) and AsiaOceania, being an ubuntu member entitles some benefits such as voting in nominal community councils, having an @ubuntu.com alias (which is really neat), syndication at the ubuntu planet, and so on, it also help to get in touch with awesome people involved in one of the more excited projects of the moment ~__~.

Last week the board revised my application which I send it 1 month ago to being able to post in the planet, so I could promote our next UGJ-df }=), to show myself a real progress (I hope to obtain upload rights to the archive soon, muahahah, and later, cofcof, hug dholbach \>____</) and also to feel me a little more comfortable while taking about Ubuntu, jeje, I mean, a random guy taking about triaging/fixing bugs?, it’s cool, at least that’s how I’d see it, but having a membership definitely will help me to talk to more people in my area, not sure why but council members don’t look very open here =S. I’d like to help as many people as possibly to become ubuntu members, it’s not difficult at all, we need them and it’s fun! I will recur to dirty icecream bribery if necessary, yeah, I’m evil!!!!!

So, it wasn’t as scary as I though, I was a little nervous, mainly because I know how bad my English is xD, aaaw!, however the people in there were very kind, I just had to present myself and link to my wiki & lp profiles, they did the rest, and at the end of the session I could count myself as one of the pack n.n


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