Report Sat-21-2012


So, today I spent the day running tests for the precise iso images (the desktop amd64 one), while testing I reported some bugs #986711, #986716 and #986732 and I found that the Ubuntu accessibility is still far from being complete, I’ll keep track of this reports.

Also during the week and since I got excited about the numerous posts about it, I ran a day for ubuntu testing at #ubuntu-mx (I just can’t resist the desire to try to emulate everything I heart about Ubuntu development in our local community even when I’m not really good at deep technical stuff), so I announced it trough the forum and  the ugjmexico twitter account, and I had a nice log about it =), hope it can be useful for some other normal guys.

During the last week and since I worked with the klavaro translations, I found how easy is to start getting in touch with more and more people when working with Ubuntu and in general when working with the free software community, everything went fine, my patches were accepted in precise, oneiric (the last one through the SRU process) and upsteam where I became the maintainer of the spanish translation. Also spend some time making sure that the Ubuntu accomplishment system had a decent spanish version.

Finally, I’ve been doing some random videos about ubuntu development for spanish users during the last weeks, not sure how useful they are, however it’s a lot of fun to do it (the kind of fun I like), soo I’ll keep screencasting =P


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