Ubuntu-mx request for help


Hi there, I forward an email from the ubuntu-mx team which I’m part of, thanks Jono for your art of community book and Benjamin for asking


We are currently undergoing a reorganization process here at ubuntu-mx. We have been pleasantly inspired by the work of ubuntu-co team, and we’re ready to jump in.

Our website, ubuntumexico.org has been updated (thanks to the ubuntu tour team, you rock!, really) and we have also asked the members to update or reactivate their launchpad membership, with an excellent response (at least half of the team is still active and willing).

So, we’re setting up some tasks (an exhaustive list in Spanish can be found here: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/KhKIZ6NPr7 , with an English translation coming up). One of the main ideas we’re following up is to restart our podcasting cycle (we called the iniciative the “Ubuntu-mx podcast Revival”).

Other tasks include to participate in the UDW (with live translations) and run our third UGJ, as well as other free software iniciatives in Latin America. Of course, our main goal in the middle term is to be approved as an official LoCo Team.

So, you may wonder about the reason of this post, particularly, what could we ask from you. Well, to be honest, we couldn’t help ourselves to announce that we’re alive and ready to rumble, and ask whoever wants to help to join us. But we are also looking for suggestions, particularly about where to host our media contents (particularly the podcast’s episodes) and some administrative policies that have worked for your LoCos.

We’ve some ideas such as creating a launchpad.net repository (awesome for decentralize management), using a ubuntu one account or using the people.ubuntu.com spaces that our ubuntu members could donate.

Anyways we’re open to your comments and ideas, and we thank you beforehand for your attention.

Ubuntu-mx team


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    • Thanks Benjamin, I’ve replied to your email. Yes, we’ve got lots of feedback from the other hispanic LoCo teams, specially from ubuntu-co & ubuntu-pe

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