Report UGJ Mexico DF – 08/09/2012



Yesterday the ubuntu-mx team hosted his third UGJ, this one was very special because it was the result of the reorganization of it. As we had been doing lately, we annoyed again some people in the Ubuntu community (sry Elizabeth) and they (again) help us with advices and links to documentation. We also want to thanks to the ubuntu-co team because of his kidness, specially to @joshman who stayed with us and help us to deal with the translation activities (you rock!)

The event started at 11:00 (utc-6) and finished at 18:00 which means that we jammed for almost 7 hours =)_, we talked about juju, maas, the iso adoption procedure, harvest, checkbox, -proposed updates and the steps to report bugs. Of course we also talked about other unrelated and social things. Every task was assigned a certain amount of points [1], therefore the person who won the most points turned into our SUPER HERO of our 08-09-2012 UGJ-MX edition.

René Gómez Legorreta (conde): 90 points

It wasn’t easy, we saw a hard battle for the first spot, specially because @cesar who was other of our ugj guests ranked 85 points! (that was closed man!) we also had other nice people who made 60, 40 & 30~ points. Since we couldn’t reach any sponsor this time we didn’t gave away godies. However for our local hero we made available an interview on our site (in spanish).

I can’t lie, it was a great jam, if you don’t believe you can see it for yourself:

6 X_X!, squash them!=)_local team



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