Updating Ubuntu for Ubuntu development (precise – raring)


Another Ubuntu version is open for development and I plan to participate =) . So in order to do it the first step is to upgrade the environment for raring, currently I’m working on precise so what I do is upgrade the pbuilder conf and the virtual machine to test the packages.

$ mkdir -pv $HOME/misc/packaging/ubuntu/ubuntu-13-04
$ cd $HOME/misc/packaging/ubuntu/ubuntu-13-04
$ mkdir  -pv app  diffs  isos  merge  udw
$ mkdir $HOME/misc/packaging/ubuntu/results/raring-i386
$ mkdir $HOME/misc/packaging/ubuntu/results/raring-amd64

Once the directories are created I upgrade the pbuilder configuration, I edit $HOME/.pbuilderrc to add “raring” to the next line:

UBUNTU_SUITES=("raring" "quantal" "precise")

And then I edit the file /etc/bash_completion.d/pbuilder to add the line:

[ “$have” ] && complete -F _pbuilder -o filenames pbuilder pbuilder.precise.amd64 pbuilder.precise.i386 pbuilder.quantal.amd64 pbuilder.quantal.i386 pbuilder.raring.i386 pbuilder.raring.amd64 pbuilder.sid.amd64 pbuilder.sid.i386

When done I create the new raring setup.., however before been able to do it, I create a link in /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts from raring -> gutsy (LP #1068707)

$ cd /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts
$ sudo ln -s gutsy raring

After that I’m able to continue with:

$ alias pbuilder.raring.i386
alias pbuilder.raring.i386='sudo DIST=raring ARCH=i386 pbuilder'
$ pbuilder.raring.i386 create
$ alias pbuilder.raring.amd64
alias pbuilder.raring.amd64='sudo DIST=raring ARCH=amd64 pbuilder'
$ pbuilder.raring.amd64  create

Which will create minimal setups for raring.., now I’ll test them.., I’ll download a package to compile it..,

$ mkdir -pv hello && cd hello
$ bzr branch ubuntu:hello && cd hello
$ echo bzr.debuild 
alias bzr.debuild='bzr bd -- -S -uc -us'
$ bzr.debuild
$ pbuilder.raring.i386 build ../hello_2.8-2.dsc

So, after reviewing the hello_2.8-2_i386.deb file in $HOME/misc/packaging/ubuntu/results/raring-i386 (default will be in /var/cache/pbuilder/raring-i386/result/ ) I can mark pbuilder as done.

Next step is to setup the VM.., however since no .iso is available right now, I’ll do this step later on.., to know when I can install it from an .iso file, I’ll be looking at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/243/builds .., of course I could go right now with the netboot images.., however I prefer to wait a little bit for the ubuntu-desktop juice.

I’ve setup ubuntu hours to have enough time every 2 days to work on this.., the first one (where I updated my environment) is available here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8TWTCcCwIM  //only spanish

Dotfile changes: https://github.com/chilicuil/dotfiles/commit/173b3ff89de8db9ca27a20624b6ba99ad95826c7

In case you’re starting from a pristine environment, you may want to install:

$ sudo apt-get install gnupg pbuilder ubuntu-dev-tools bzr-builddeb apt-file git dput debhelper


Have fun n_n/


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