UnADM, a new (quite amazing) alternative for university education in Mexico


I’ve never been good with formal education, I’ve already studied in three major local universities IPN/UNAM/UAM without much success, I’m not saying they’re bad, but the classic education process they promote don’t fit well with my lifestyle, I use to do lots of different activities (right now, learning tango, violin, portuguese, ubuntu related stuff, syadmin work, and taking in shape a couple of startups) I think the main reason I failed was mostly because I didn’t have or didn’t want to spend time traveling (3hrs a day) for 200 days or so a year to join repetitive classrooms, I’ve also been taking half day and full day jobs for 5 years so I think that hasn’t helped either. Last year, when I left UAM I was sure I would relax and continue my life without a formal degree, however a few months later a friend suggest me to join a new university (3 years old) which was supposed to do everything online.

At the beginning I didn’t take it seriously, I mean, major local universities have already integrated, in a way or another, remote facilities (such as moddle, email, online enrollment forms, etc) without success, why a new university would make it right?, well, I was wrong!

UnADM is a true alternative, they’ve worked really hard to i18n and customize the applications they use so students don’t even recognize the technologies integrated. I almost didn’t recognize moddle, and everything has been classified with great care, they have nice tutors and its site is quite responsive, with a lot of videos|pdfs about every topic and aspect of the university, I’m talking as a normal platform user without taking in consideration political | laboral issues.

So, if by any chance you’re a student in Mexico and you’re looking for alternatives, take a look at UnADM, they(we?) still can improve a lot, but the experience I’ve got is quite good.

promotional video

Have fun.


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