ubuntu.com in your language


When an average user opens ubuntu.com chances are that it belong to the 73% of users who don’t browse Internet in English:


In the other hand Ubuntu is a free OS which has always embraced l10n efforts:

[+] http://people.ubuntu.com/~dpm/ubuntu-10.04-translation-stats.html

Ubuntu has been translated to at least 218 languages including developer documentation!:

[+] http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tools/packaging/

The ubuntu developer guide has been translated to English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. We have a complete OS and it’s documentation translated to many different languages but not its public face to the world, is this crazy?, or I’ve just lost common sense?

I imagine that In a perfect world the ubuntu.com site would look at the user browser agent and display a localized version of itself, the strings would be exported and translated in launchpad by the numerous community translators…, how do you imagine it could be done?, do you think it is worth the effort?


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  1. Debian manages to do that, so there is no reason why Ubuntu couldn’t. There are problems with it though; almost no users know how to get their browser to tell websites what language they want and almost no website developers know that content negotiation exists (the HTTP mechanism that allows this).

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