You cannot organizate an UGJ if you’re not part of a LoCo team



The Ubuntu Global Jam is an incredible opportunity for the Ubuntu community to unite together around a weekend generally one month before the release of Ubuntu. However if you’re not part of any ubuntu LoCo team for any reason (I know there are several of you reading) you won’t be able to organize them.

Personally I think any person being or not part of any LoCo Team should be able to announce where he/she is gonna sit down and hack on ubuntu =), however in the meantime, you can look at the current list and assist to one near from you, or just hangout with your local friends. Ubuntu is a state of mind!



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  1. You can! If you have few people near you to jam with, consider declaring yourself a team and join the fun! You can even get a spot on the LoCo team portal, though maybe not in time for the upcoming Jam. For now use Planet Ubuntu, social media and other means to promote your Jam. It works!


  2. You can, just talk to the LoCo Next to you and ask them to add the Jam you want to organize that way you get help from the LoCo and they get another jam to the list. Also maybe there’s already plans for a jam near you and as you are not in the LoCo you don’t know, is better to ask first.

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