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I don’t consider myself a programmer but a sort of power user, I’m in love with the cli linux interface and everytime I can automatizate repetive tasks I do it. That’s how I ended writting 60~ scripts (most of them for fun, others for sysadmin work), while doing it I noticed a pattern, I used to cheat and copy some part of other scripts to finish faster so I started to write functions and put them in a lib file. After a while it has been increasing and I thought it would be a good idea to share it and see if it can be useful to someone else, so here it is.

If you can improve current functions or add new ones your contribution is welcome (just branch and push back), beware that current code may hurt your eyes, you’ve been warned. Have fun n_n/


Proposal: AskUbuntu en español / AskUbuntu in Spanish



Últimamente se ha estado discutiendo la posibilidad de agregar internacionalización[1] en los sistemas de Preguntas y Respuestas:

Algunos equipos locales, como Ubuntu Perú y Ubuntu Colombia, han ido más lejos y han creado sus propios sitios:

Esto, en mi opinión, solo contribuye a fragmentar aún más la información ya dispersa en Español, lo que necesitamos es una versión de AskUbuntu en nuestro idioma (y de paso, en los idiomas que sean necesarios):

¿Esta iniciativa tiene el apoyo oficial de Canonical?

No, pero los foros y las comunidades locales tampoco lo tuvieron al inicio, así que podemos obtenerlo durante la marcha.

¿Cómo puedo ayudar?

Para crear un sitio como AskUbuntu se necesitan seguir 5 pasos:

1.- Crear la propuesta, esto ya lo he hecho, la propuesta esta en:

2.- Obtener suficientes preguntas y seguidores en la propuesta, si tienen una cuenta en askubuntu o en stackexchange, pueden entrar a la liga superior y dar click en ‘Follow’ o hacer una pregunta que consideren pueda ser abordada en el sitio. También pueden votar a favor o en contra en las preguntas ya hechas para definir la temática que seguirá AskUbuntu en Español.

3.- Una vez obtenidas las preguntas, se analizará si existen suficientes personas que puedan participar activamente en un sitio como este. Cuando se llegue a esta fase, las personas interesadas podrán entrar a la propuesta y dar click en ‘Commit’.

4.- Cuando se compruebe que existen suficientes personas interesadas, se podrá lanzar un sitio beta, de ahí se obtendrán datos reales sobre la sustentabilidad de la comunidad, si existe suficiente participación durante al menos 6 meses, entonces AskUbuntu en Español obtendrá el rango de oficial y se mantendrá como un recurso permanente.

5.- Disfrutar de AskUbuntu en Español

Si están interesados en la propuesta, pueden ayudarnos, inviten a sus amigos que ya usan Ubuntu, ayudenos a difundir la iniciativa. Cada voto cuenta. Seguiré informando sobre el alcance de la propuesta.


Lately the Ubuntu community has been discussing about i18n in the Q&A systems:

Some LoCo Teams, such as Ubuntu Perú and Ubuntu Colombia, have created their own sites:

This, in my opinion, just helps to fragment even more the already distributed information in Spanish, what we need is an AskUbuntu version in our language, (and I suggest to do the same for other langs):

¿Does this proposal is officially supported by Canonical?

Not at all, but some other community efforts haven’t get Canonical support at the beginning, such as the ubuntuforums or the local teams, if we grow enough I’m sure we’ll recognized officially after a while.

¿How can I help?

In order to create a similar site to AskUbuntu we require following 5 steps:

1.- Propose the idea, I’ve already done it:

2.- Get sample questions and enough followers, if you have an askubuntu | stackexchange account, you can click the link above and then press ‘Follow’, you can also make questions, the kind of question you would like to see answered in the site. Finally you can vote up or down in the current questions, it will help us to define the allowed questions.

3.- Once we have enough questions, we’ll require to show there are enough persons interested in participating actively on it. There will appear a button called ‘Commit’ which will let us to show we’re many persons who want an AskUbuntu in Spanish.

4.- The next step will be launching a beta site for 6 month, it will help us to know if the community can be self sustained. If it’s AskUbuntu in Spanish will be a permanent resource.

5.- We can go and ask in AskUbuntu-es

If you’re interested, feel free to help us, invite your friends and help us spread the initiative, if you don’t talk Spanish nor English, I invite you to launch similar efforts.


Flisol + Ubuntu walk + UbuConLa


Yesterday was organized the Flisol, a latinoamerican event where people get together and install free software, and I couldn’t stop myself to feature Ubuntu Raring =), so I printed some flyers and took a nice walk around the city.

ubuntu road

The flyer features an impressive mockup of Nick Rutledge.

This was a nice warp-up for the next UbuConLa, which will be in hosted in Montevideo Uruguay next June 7th, hope to see many of guys there =)!


UnADM, a new (quite amazing) alternative for university education in Mexico


I’ve never been good with formal education, I’ve already studied in three major local universities IPN/UNAM/UAM without much success, I’m not saying they’re bad, but the classic education process they promote don’t fit well with my lifestyle, I use to do lots of different activities (right now, learning tango, violin, portuguese, ubuntu related stuff, syadmin work, and taking in shape a couple of startups) I think the main reason I failed was mostly because I didn’t have or didn’t want to spend time traveling (3hrs a day) for 200 days or so a year to join repetitive classrooms, I’ve also been taking half day and full day jobs for 5 years so I think that hasn’t helped either. Last year, when I left UAM I was sure I would relax and continue my life without a formal degree, however a few months later a friend suggest me to join a new university (3 years old) which was supposed to do everything online.

At the beginning I didn’t take it seriously, I mean, major local universities have already integrated, in a way or another, remote facilities (such as moddle, email, online enrollment forms, etc) without success, why a new university would make it right?, well, I was wrong!

UnADM is a true alternative, they’ve worked really hard to i18n and customize the applications they use so students don’t even recognize the technologies integrated. I almost didn’t recognize moddle, and everything has been classified with great care, they have nice tutors and its site is quite responsive, with a lot of videos|pdfs about every topic and aspect of the university, I’m talking as a normal platform user without taking in consideration political | laboral issues.

So, if by any chance you’re a student in Mexico and you’re looking for alternatives, take a look at UnADM, they(we?) still can improve a lot, but the experience I’ve got is quite good.

promotional video

Have fun.

Puesta a prueba de Ubuntu Raring en español



This is a fast update of the Beta Testing Extraordinaire with Ubuntu Quality event who will be hosted today starting at 18:00 UTC, in about 3 hours.

Tuesday April 2nd, 2013

  • 1800 UTC – 2200 UTC 
    • Quality team members are dedicated to hanging out in #ubuntu-quality executing testcases and helping answer questions
  • 1800 UTC:
    • We’ll be streaming live on ubuntuonair in Spanish doing live testing demos and offering help
      • Basic iso test install
      • More exotic examples — netboot, server, non-english
      • Your requests!
  • 2000 UTC:
    • We’ll be streaming live on ubuntuonair in doing live testing demos and offering help
      • Basic iso test install
      • More exotic examples — netboot, server, non-english
      • Your requests!

Iso testing is a nice way to contribute technically to Ubuntu and it also one of the easiest ways to get started, we want everyone to do it!, join us =)

En el equipo de Ubuntu QA ¡hablamos español!, ¿interesado en contribuir con Ubuntu?, acompañanos hoy a partir de las 18:00 UTC y comprueba por ti mismo lo fácil que es. Iso testing es la actividad que conlleva descargar la última versión en desarrollo y probarla en una computadora (virtual o física). Descubre las nuevas características de Ubuntu antes que nadie y se parte de uno de los subgrupos de Ubuntu con mayor magia de la amistad 8)

Si no puedes lograrlo, no hay ningún problema, contacta a Sergio Meneses o a un servidor a la hr que quieras, el día que quieras y se parte del equipo de calidad =)

¿Qué hr son las 18:00 UTC en tu ciudad?:


UGJ, Mexico city, March 2013


So.., today was our UGJ.., and we’re reporting back =), I think we couldn’t get a better place to jam, the guys of the vision cafe got us to one of the Santa Anna personal rooms (thank you!, your service is one of the best!), Mexico downtown is full of colonial buildings and this one was not the exception. We jammed for ~4 hours, which we used to ping the problems we had reported previously, looked at translations, art, talked about the strategies to keep improving the Ubuntu-mx team and ate lots of pizza, I love to see this energy at the keyboard, we even went online:


Hey, I know we may seem some kind quiet but we where focusing on our topic list (those white papers we keep looking at):, we also took some pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How was yours? =)