Report october/september 2012, my community side


I’m still one of those kiddies dreaming every night to become an Ubuntu MOTU member, my friend ronicardona is now dreaming in co-maintaining a debian pkg, we’ve been dreaming together for a while and even when we know how fullish it sounds xD, we still try to make it real. It’s just our velocity of scape who isn’t really good, but hey, some ppl aren’t as smart as others.

Anyway, lately I’ve not touched much of any ubuntu source, I’ve been translating the ubuntu packaging guide to spanish if that counts. Whoever much of my free time I’ve setup for this matters have gone to my community side, specially to the ubuntu-classroom-es & ubuntu-mx teams. It’s something I hadn’t done and that I wanted to do for a while (it’s somewhere in my TODO list [2]).., I think it’s something I’ve been avoiding mostly because.., you know, machines are faster to deliver goodies than humans.

However even with the fact that I’m not the nicest person you could know, I’ve finished some items, of course it’s helped a LOT to being an official Ubuntu member, in general now it’s easier to other people to trust me, and as I read somewhere else[1] it has make me feel more comfortable when talking to other people and searching for help.


[Done] UDW interpretation
[Done] Speaker at UUD
[Done] 3rd UGJ
[In progress] Reactivation of the ubuntu-mx team
[In progress] Translation of the UDG to Spanish
[Todo] Work in the Ubuntu server team
[Todo] Work in the Ubuntu metrics team

It’s still fun to work with Ubuntu =)

$ bzr branch lp:~bnrubin/+junk/lpdot
$ sudo apt-get install python-pydot
$ BROWSER=firefox ./ chilicuil #here goes your nick




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